Welcome To Sto. Tomas
A world - renowned town in the province of Pangasinan, with roots of century-old culture, heritage and tradition. Existed with a magnificent patriotic beginning as formerly a barrio of Alcala named " Arranggo." Though considered as the smallest Pangasinan town in terms of land area and population, it is a home of prominent political leaders in the national and provincial government. Famous for its unequalled unity and recognized over the years as the most peaceful municipality in Pangasinan. Sto. Tomas is a place dwelled with warm loving and gracious people.

The municipality of Sto. Tomas is mainly an agricultural land measuring 1,081.40 in square kilometres with sufficient portion for extensive agro-industrial enterprise. With an overall area of 1,429.32 hectares, it is composed primarily of 10 barangays. The humble town of Sto. Tomas inhabits a population of 14,406 consisting of 3,307 households. Along with Tagalog and other Languages, Ilocano is its commonly spoken dialect.

Come and Enjoy the enchanting experience in Sto. Tomas. "Dumanon Kayo."
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Philippine National Police
01. OIC-Chief Herminio L. Olivares -
02. PI ELMER RACCA RABARA 09999970257
03. SPO4 Marlon M. Nillo 09391343911
04. SPO3 Judy L. Lopez 09982876181
05. PO3 Samson S. Munoz 09398373001
06. PO3 Priscilo L. Saldivar 09207950305
07. PO3 Benjamin G. Barnachea 09175507437
08. PO3 Rizal Dee A. Javier 09162185727
09. PO3 Venancio B. Lopez Jr 09053452712
10. PO3 Marcelo Dennis M. Paningbatan 09399161939
11. PO3 Winnie L. Dollaga 09471925553
12. PO3 Jerwin L. Cabreros 09293197482
13. PO3 Marlon L. Vinluan 09306273499
14. PO3 Gerald C. Hullana 09257121610
15. PO3 Jocelyn E. Parocha 09215742520
16. PO2 Vicente M. Lagan Jr 09162442714
17. PO2 Rogelio E. Espiritu Jr 09231766892
18. PO2 Michael DC. Corpuz 09219581182
19. PO2 Mario G. Quiocho 09162831529
20. PO2 Ma. Carmela F. Miollio 09277161285
21. PO2 Michael D. Murao 09124089822
22. PO2 Jeffrey B. Ramos 09082097742
23. PO2 Eduardo M. Rivera 09193722118
24. PO1 Aristo P. Eleccion 09164975543
25. PO1 Jonas DV. Aquino 09124268167
26. PO1 Claro P. Velasco 09995648157
27. PO1 Alfredo DV. Boquiren Jr 09291238238
28. PO1 Zyrah C. Salinas 09989828238